What are the best New Electric Cars for 2017?

11 months ago
Tesla Model3

What are the best New Electric Cars for 2017?

The automobile industry is undergoing a transformation, and it goes without saying that in the year 2017 big automakers will start designing and mass producing electric cars. Let us face reality, the oil is becoming exhausted hence an alternative source of power to fuel our cars ought to be found. Besides, the limited oil resources, there is the issue of pollution. For those of you that are eco-minded, alternative sources of clean energy are limited. With the option of electric cars coupled with the evolving battery technology which assures you as a car owner that you will not need to re-charge your car after a short driving distance. With the elimination of the fuel cost and tax-free on a car purchase, you will agree with me that electric vehicles are bound to dominate the market this year 2017. There are so many electric cars that are being introduced into the market today, and you have a wide variety from which you can choose. With the major manufacturers either designing or selling electric vehicles which are becoming a practical option to the oil powered cars for everyday commuting. Your choice of the electric car to buy will be determined by among others the features, charging power, price range and aesthetic design.

Some of the top choices of electric vehicles to look for in 2017 are:

Jaguar I-Pace 
The Jaguar I –Pace is an all-electric sleek car with a power output of 395 bhp and a 0 – 60 mph acceleration rate in a record time of approximately four seconds. It has two electric motors fitted on the rear and front axles.A 90k Wh battery is attached to the pair of electric motors which can be charged within two hours and is powerful enough to run up to 300 miles. Are you interested in acquiring one of the Jaguar I- Pace today? You can register with the company, and it is likely to cost you approximately $ 60,000. The Jaguar I-Pace is designed to rival the Faraday Future FF91 and the Tesla Model X.

jaguar I-Pace

Hyundai Ioniq 
Next on our list is the Hyundai Ioniq which is the very first all-electric Hyundai sports car. It has an ability to accelerating from 0 – 62 mph in record 9.9 seconds, and it can accelerate to over 103 mph at top speed.A 28k Wh lithium –ion battery is fixed to the electric motor. It is capable of charging using an ordinary household electrical socket, and this battery can power the car for up to one hundred and seventy-four miles. Designed as a rival of the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Ioniq’s battery can go up to a range 20 Miles than the Nissan Leaf.Hyundai Ioniq costs approximately $24, 495.

Faraday Future FF 91
One of our favourite electric cars is the Faraday Future FF 91which happens to be the first all-electric car from Faraday Future, produced this year. As a rival to the Tesla Model 3, Faraday Future FF 91 is so far the fastest accelerating electric car in the market. It is capable of accelerating from 0 – 60 mph in a time record of 2.39 seconds which is 0.5 seconds faster than its rival Elon Musk’s model.Faraday Future FF 91 gives you a custom made auto technology that enables you to control your car using the latest FFCTRL smartphone mobile app. Some of the customised and latest auto technology that you will enjoy includes an onboard camera that can scan your face to ensure that you are the legitimate owner before it gives you access to your car.

Faraday Future FF 91

Tesla Model 3 
The Tesla Model 3 saloon was first produced in large scale this year. It has a 60K Wh model battery can power the car to run up to a range of 215 miles.The Tesla Model 3 saloon has the latest autopilot programme which gives your car an autonomous system which can be updated by firmware.Tesla Model 3 costs $ 30,000.

Tesla Model3

Nissan Leaf
The list of electric vehicles to look out for in 2017 will not be complete without mentioning the Nissan Leaf. This car is designed and fitted with househouse connected features such as Cortana voice over service from Microsoft and Nissan’s Propilot autonomous system for the electric charging hatchback.

nissan leaf

Chevrolet Volt

It’s clear that General Motors, a pioneer in electric-car technology, intends to take an aggressive position in offering battery-electric cars as well as its Volt plug-in hybrid. The Volt has the longest range of any plug-in hybrid except for the BMW i3 REx, which can only travel about 75 miles on gasoline once its battery is depleted.

And Chevy will equip the upcoming Bolt EV with a 60-kwh lithium-ion battery that gives it a range rating of 200 or more miles, making it decisively the first mass-priced 200-mile electric car.

2017 chevrolet volt

Surveys show that 62% of new car buyers are concerned about climate change and about 72% are concerned about dependence on fossil fuels. Numbers don’t lie; we can, therefore, conclude that more people are willing to give up oil related driven cars for electric ones.


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