Tips for Choosing the Best Women’s Plus Size Bathing Suits

3 weeks ago
women's plus size bathing suits

The general rule when choosing a good swimsuit is to ensure that it fits your body size and shape. You also need to consider the details, prints, and color of the swimsuit. A good swimsuit should make unique parts of your body more visible. And this applies to all body types. Women’s plus size bathing suits have entered the market with their best selection ever making it hard for women to choose the best bath suit.

Full-figured women swimwear has lost its popularity nowadays and has become boring. Designers and retailers are working hard to produce styles that will appeal to women. Plus-size swimsuits styles are becoming more common. We will discuss the swimwear styles that will make you flatter on any body shape, in a plus-size.

Why Different Styles?

First of all, a plus size lady should consider the kind of support the swimsuit offers before buying it. A swimsuit with an attached bra provides more support than one without it. Many boutiques and stores provide large bathing suits that have the required support. Some of these suits have both the inner and outer layers, with others having underwired bras for maximum support.

You should remember that plus size ladies have different body shapes and sizes. So when selecting a swimwear, remember to choose a suit that fits well, rather than favoring the design, print, or color.

women's plus size bathing suits

For instance, all women should search for a suit that has a great bra, or at least decent support, and this applies to all women despite their sizes. If you’re buying online, make sure that you know your best fit and have perused all the details about the sizing charts, as well as the offers, before purchasing.

Secondly, consider your fashion styles, comfort, and self-confidence. Some curvy women will prefer two-pieces bath suits, while others will feel more flattering wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Tankini styles can be a great option for those who want coverage but like two-piece styles. A tankini top gives you extra freedom of being able to move around freely than the one-piece suits, although one-piece suit gives more support than tankini. You are free to choose either one-piece or two-pieces suits depending on your preference.

Tips to help you determine the best women’s plus size bathing suit for you.

-Triangle Shape

This type is often referred to as a pear-shaped body. It’s generally a person with smaller upper half and larger legs, thighs, bottoms or hips. If this describes you, try swimwear that will make upper body visible. Your best styles include tankini sets, skirtinis or any other one-piece combined with bright colored tops.

-Apple Shape

If you have apple shape- larger chests, wider shoulders or narrow hips and waist, then consider swimwear styles that will make people focus on the downward part of your body. Consider wearing tummy-trimming bath suits. Women’s plus size swimwear that offers an underwire top will give you maximum support. Flattering styles are V-necks, swim dresses, and suits with prints or patterns.

-Hourglass Shape

If you have larger hips and chest but a smaller waist, then consider yourself lucky. Your figure is visually balanced. However, you need to choose a bathing suit that will showcase your best features without exposing areas you favor less. Your best styles will be those women’s plus size bathing suits that will focus more on exposing your small waist.

-Round Shape

Ladies with round shape have full hips and shoulders plus their waste is also rounded. If you have this shape, you should focus on styles that will make your waste more slimmer. Your best styles are baby-doll swimsuits or any other style that will have a waist-slimming effect.

-Rectangle Shape

If you have this shape, then you need to select a style to showcase your bust line and nice shoulders. Your ideal styles are that creates a waistline like a blouson or V-necks.


Furthermore, your swimsuit style will depend on your choice. Some women can fit in all styles without being concerned about their shape. There are various styles that you can choose from no matter your body size or shape. Choose the best bathing suit that will give you a confidence to step out in the sun.


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