'On Wings of Eagles': Story of Missionary Who was Tortured for Faith in China

3 months ago

The true story of an American Olympic runner who was captured and tortured by the Japanese while being a missionary in China during World War II has hit the big screen. 

On Wings of Eagles depicts the life of Eric Liddell, who despite being the fastest runner in the 1925 Olympics, risked it all to be a missionary in China.

Liddell spent his time teaching in schools, building relationships, and proclaiming the Gospel to anyone he could. 

However, that all changed when the Japanese invaded in 1937. 

It wasn’t long before the invaders captured Liddell and several others and sent them away to a concentration camp. 

There, Liddell experienced a world of torture and cruelty. The prisoners deteriorate quickly and Liddell is forced to resort to one final decision to ensure his survival and the survival of everyone else in the camp. 

On Wings of Eagles was directed by Stephen Shin, who is a devout Chinese Christian. The movie hit theaters nationwide on Nov. 3. 

Click to watch the trailer. 

“ON WINGS OF EAGLES” starring Joseph Fiennes and Shawn Dou (1st Trailer) from Daniel Lawrence Abrams on Vimeo.



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