Is a Weight Loss Shake the Best Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

1 month ago

In a world full of diet and miracle products, which claim to help you shed weight simply by popping a magic pill or downing a miracle potion, it can be hard to separate the truth from the lies. Here is something you can always count on as advice, which is that if it promises weight loss without any calories restriction or exercises it is either A) – Downright illegal, or B) a complete lie for you to buy into. There are no magic pills and potions out there available without a prescription that will make you lose weight with zero effort.

The thing about losing weight is that you need to eat less than you burn each day and try to incorporate some exercise into your life. This doesn’t mean that you should survive on an apple a day and run 15 miles. It means that you need to eat healthy options and restrict those sweet treats to once or twice a week. With that being said, you can still enjoy delicious and sweet food in the form of a weight loss shake. Now, when I say weight loss shake I don’t mean one of those gimmicks or fads that is designed to take your money for little end result, but a meal replacement shake that you have in place of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A good weight loss shake will provide you with all of the key nutrients you need to stay as healthy and functional as possible while offering a lower calorie alternative to that sandwich, cake, or burger. A good all-around shake will come loaded with a mix of protein, minerals such as selenium, manganese, and calcium, and lots of much-needed vitamins. You don’t need the whole day’s vitamin and mineral content in a single weight loss shake as you will get the rest from the rest of your meals and drinks.

A good weight loss shake WILL NOT make you drop 14 lbs. in 7 days, and any shake that promises that should be left on the shelf. See, a weight loss shake is supposed to support your dieting efforts and help provide slow but steady fat loss. This is key to keeping the weight off when your plan finishes. You are also encouraged to add in as much fruit and vegetables as possible when using shakes. Therefore, you end up learning how to eat healthily from scratch and continuing to do so becomes second nature.

There is nothing worse than spending 30, 40, or even 50 dollars on a weight loss shake that you don’t like. Research before buying is as important as following a restricted calorie diet. You need to select one with the right type of protein. Are you lactose intolerant? Then you want to avoid whey protein. Are you allergic to soy? Then don’t choose one made with soy protein.

Flavor is also important. There are so many flavors out there that it is enough to make your head spin. Select something with a neutral flavor, such as vanilla and then use it as a base for some seriously healthy fruit-laden smoothies. If you don’t like the taste of the shake you buy then you are less likely to see it through. While the flavor is important, make sure that it does not contain artificial flavorings or additives.

You want to try to be as healthy as possible, so filling yourself up with synthetic chemicals is not going to cut the mustard I’m afraid. If you are aiming for a healthier life, then eating natural whole foods really does count, and these can form the basis of your weight loss shake. The last point to touch on is the fiber content. Fiber does more than just keep you regular. It helps feed the good bacteria in the gut, keeps blood glucose levels stable, and can even help fight type II diabetes.

So, if you find yourself asking whether weight loss shakes can help with losing weight and keeping it off, then the simple answer is yes.  If you are looking at improving your general health and getting yourself into better shape, the weight loss shake really can help you get there.


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