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2 years ago

All You Need to Know About DermDash App, the new way to shop for cosmetic procedures.

Are you looking for a new iPhone shopping app that’s easy to use? Well, DermDash is a handy mobile phone application that provides you with the convenience of shopping for cosmetic treatments hassle-free from the comfort of your iPhone. Before DermDash app, one was supposed to browse poorly designed websites to get price estimates. That seemed very simple, but in reality, a patient often wants to compare the cost of different doctors and evaluate the pros and cons before deciding on the physician that best suits his/her needs. For instance, a patient could spend a lot of time driving around the city, besides wasting priceless time waiting rooms and meeting with different doctors. 

Even so, in 2015 alone, approximately 14 million minimally intrusive cosmetic procedures were carried out, which is an increase of 158 percent since 2000. Evidently, cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, Botox, and laser treatments are immensely popular and picks up steam as years are going. That does not make scheduling of any cosmetic procedure less pedantic, particularly I cities such as Los Angeles, a place where traffic is not friendly everyone hates it. In some way, in spite of that traffic, Los Angeles is one city where cosmetic procedure industry is growing well. In a matter of time, an online marketplace was developed mainly having in mind Angeles and California. 

This application saves patients from the hassles of busy work such as driving, waiting for long hours making phone calls. DermDash provides its users with highly qualified and pre-approved doctors. It allows users to choose the treatment they need it can be laser hair removal, Botox among others, users can specify the brand they wish to use and compare their prices offered by reputable doctors. It doesn’t matter the procedure; this app provides its users with several choices.

Besides providing you with a list of trustworthy doctors and prices, this application also provides users with the ratings created on a five-star scale of every doctor to enable users to make the knowledgeable decision when choosing a doctor. Even though participating doctors are selectively chosen, what also matters is what the patient is thinking and with this app, you are provided with all that information. To make things even more convenient, DermDash provides you with the location of every doctor’s office. In spite of everything, for a cosmetic procedure to be done patience must meet with their practitioner in person. 

Cosmetic treatments are very expensive especially for those individuals who have normally have them revitalized every after few months, this application provides users with major savings, as soon as the user signs ups, he/she starts earning 20 dollars off their first buy. After that for every purchase, the user earns back 15% of the treatment cost and put to the next purchase. Also, for those who become brand ambassadors and tell people about DermDash are likely to earn savings with this app.

Cosmetic touch-ups have been here for decades, and it is beyond doubt that it is here to stay. With the introduction of new techniques such as new variations of light therapy and Coolsculpting, there’s need for DermDash than never before. Currently, it is only Los Angeles users who have the privilege of using DermDash app, but with time more cities are yet to come soon. If you are interested in having a cosmetic procedure done, then you should download DermDash App ASAP and benefit from $20 sign-up reward. Nobody should waste their precious time calling specialists or driving around the city, all you need to do is visit DermDash website and download the app; it is free. 



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