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8 months ago

If you ask anyone in the US about plastic surgery, then they would probably mention Dr. Layke to you. John Layke is a renowned plastic surgeon and among the best if not the best in his field. He runs the Beverly Hills MD plastic surgery complex that has changed the lives of thousands of women. Ladies come from as far as Europe for his service!, But who exactly is Dr. Layke and where did he study? Does he have any partners and what services does he provide? 

Dr. John Layke Background  

Dr. John Layke was born and raised in a small family of a school administrator father and a housewife. None of his parents were in the medical field, but this didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams of becoming a plastic surgeon.  

His education started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the Nova Southeastern University. He mainly specialized in the College of Osteopathic Medicine. He, later on, undertook his residencies in Nassau University Medical Center, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group in New York, and at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine.  

Dr. Layke hard work and specialty landed him special awards as early as during his residency period! While in Chicago, for instance, he was given the MD Award of Academic Excellence by the Vijay Maker. It’s also while in this institution that he became the Administrative Chief Resident. Dr. Layke earned his practicing license and was certified by American Board of Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgery in 2009. 

Practicing Partner  

Dr. Layke does not work alone. He believes in teamwork which helps him and his working colleagues to understand their client’s needs better so that they can deliver desired results. His main partner and close friend, Dr. Danielpour is also a plastic surgery expert with vast knowledge and experience in the field. The two met at Nassau University Medical Center where they were initially roommates. They, later on, decided to partner up and use their exceptional expertise to revolutionize the plastic surgery field.  


What procedures do they conduct?  

The following are some of the main procedures offered in the Beverly Hills MD:  

  1. Facelift – Through Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS), Dr. Layke and his partner help to get rid of wrinkled and sagging skin thus preserving a youthful appearance. This procedure delivers incredible results and the recovery period associated with it is also very short. 
  2. Single Incision Mommy Makeover – the Mummy Makeover procedure helps ladies who are just from giving birth to regain a more compact body. It mainly focuses on the tucking of the tummy and breast augmentation. All this is done using just one incision thus minimizing scarring problems. 
  3. Breast Augmentation – Breast Augmentation procedures are very popular, and this is why there are so many facilities offering this service. To get quality results, however, you need an expert, and this is what Dr. John Layke and Danielpour are. They give breasts a firm and fuller look while retaining its natural appearance.
  4. Nose Jobs – This is a procedure that alters the size and shape of your nose. The process helps your nose to look proportionate and function well. 
  5. Liposuction – This particular surgery targets women who are having difficulties in losing weight using the traditional methods. It, therefore, gets rid of excessive fat in the body. 
  6. Body Contouring – losing weight is one thing and getting the right body shape is another. You might lose weight, but excessive skin in your body may bar you from enjoying the perfect body shape. This procedure removes loose skin and fat giving you a gorgeous shape. 
  7. Ear Surgery – It’s used to rectify minor and major defects around the ears to prevent problems of abnormal appearance. 
  8. Eyelid Surgery – this procedure is used to reduce the amount of fat deposit around the lower or upper eyelid. It thus gives one a more alert look. 

The above are just but some of the services being offered. There are many other procedures such as Forehead lift, Spider Vein Treatment, Arm lifting, etc.  

Cosmetic products from Beverly Hills MD 
  1. i. Dark Spot Corrector – This product is in the form of a gel that eradicates acne scars, dark spots, aging spots and unsightly blackheads.
  2. Line smoothing serum – its purpose is to ensure your skin is rich in collagens for a young, smooth and firm skin. 

iii. Lift and firm sculpting cream – this product made using an anti-aging formula is useful in restoring a natural and firm skin. It gets rid of loose folds of skin.  

  1. Wrinkle-repair night treatment – this hydrating product ensures your skin is enriched at cellular levels to rejuvenate its look. 
  2. Lash enhancing serum – This product ultimately puts artificial and false eyelashes out of the market. It assists the growth of natural eyelashes making them longer and thicker. 

Dr. Layke and his colleague Dr. Danielpour are well known simply because of their great work. They’ve been recognized in major television programs such as Entertainment Tonight. Their massive and highly equipped facility helps them express their expertise and artistry producing fantastic results. This is why they are among a few most demanded plastic surgeons in the country. You can trust the two to convert your fantasies into a reality.


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