All You Need To Know About Phentermine

10 months ago

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine HCL is a controlled substance utilized as an active ingredient in several weight loss drugs brand names such as Adipex and Qsymia. Phentermine HCL possession or sale without prescription in the USA is illegal. It is imperative to establish whether a source is legit especially when you buy Phentermine online, this way you will avoid buying a fake product. 


Adipex P is the most popular brand of Phentermine HCL in the USA. It is a slow release medicine which usually comes in 37.5mg dosages per pill/capsule. Just like Phentermine, possession or sale of Adipex without a prescription is illegal. The cost of Adipex varies from time to time due to a variety of factors; however you can always find good deals at Adipex. If you are looking to buy Phentermine online in form of Adipex or other forms, you must fully understand the pros and cons associated with its use. 

We are now offering the best alternatives to Adipex P that you can legally buy without a prescription. Additionally, we offer you advice on how much weight you can lose what to expect from Phentermine among other questions that you might have. It is important to note that when using Adipex P and you experience any severe side effects, you have to stop using it and seek medical help as soon as possible. Below is a brief description of Adipex P and its alternatives;

Adipex P

Adipex P comes in the form of white tablets with blue specks. You can purchase Adipex P online or from the local pharmacy where you have to fill the RX prescription. If you buy Phentermine online, it cannot be shipped to you as that is illegal, it has to be home delivered. 

Vivus Qsymia

This is a mix of Phentermine and Topiramate. The most common dosage is 46 mg Phentermine and 7.5 mg Topiramate. It is specially designed to deliver weight loss in a better way than its competitor which makes it a bit costly. At $300-$500 for a month’s supply, this pill suppresses appetite and delivers energy. 

Phentermine 37.5 mg

This is the most popular dosage and comes in a white and blue capsule form. Other dosages are the 30 mg and the 15 mg. Before you start using any dosage of Phentermine, consult your doctor.


This is a new diet pill developed last year in the USA and has a promising future. What makes Lomaira unique is that it contains 8 mg of Phentermine HCL. Therefore, it is taken 3 times before meals every day without the risk of overdosing. This gives it an edge over the others, i.e. if you take the Phentermine 37.5 mg twice a day; there is a high risk of overdosing. 

Since Lomaira contains Phentermine HCL, it is illegal to buy it online without a prescription the same way it is illegal to buy Phentermine online without a prescription. 

Where To Buy Phentermine

Phentermine HCL 37.5mg can be found at any pharmacy in the USA. Adipex P pills can also be bought at a pharmacy but both require a doctor’s prescription. It is advisable not to buy Phentermine online to avoid trouble with the law. The strongest dosage of Phentermine is the 377.5 dosage sold under the brand name Adipex P. Normally, Adipex P is in the form of white tablets with blue specks or blue and white capsules. Other generic forms which are legit include a plain white/yellow tablet or yellow capsules. 

It is worth noting that across the globe, you cannot buy Phentermine legally without a prescription. In different countries, Phentermine comes in different names such as Adipex P and Razin. Before you begin using Phentermine, you have to have your BMI determined by a doctor to determine whether or not it is safe for you to use Phentermine HCL.

What is The Difference Between Adipex P and Phentermine?

There is no difference between Adipex P and Phentermine HCL. Phentermine HCL is the active ingredient used in Adipex P while Adipex P is a brand name. 

How Much Weight can I lose? 

Adipex P is a diet pill which like other diet pills, are the solution to weight loss before considering surgical measures. By taking Adipex P 37.5mg daily coupled with exercise and diet, your chances of losing weight are high.

Where Do You Mail Phentermine? 

Since it is illegal to mail Phentermine, we can mail the alternative-PhenObestin 37.5. As for PhenObestin, it is legal to mail it all over the world. Our shipping is fast, reliable and secure no matter the country you live in. We ship every order via USPS International Express which helps you track your purchase. 

Are Phentermine Diet Pills Effective? 

The success rates of Phentermine pills vary from one person to the other. There are three main factors that determine the success of these diet pills which include Eating habits, Tolerance and physical activity. 

Where To Get Adipex Coupons?

You can get Adipex coupons from the pharmacy if they have some kind of specials. You can also participate in online forums. Obtaining a coupon is much easier during the low season. 


It is illegal to buy Adipex pills online and most of the Pharmacies claiming that they can sell Adipex are just posting false claims. In case you notice illegal sale of Adipex, report it to the DEA via Adipex is a highly addictive drug and should not be used without the doctor’s prescription.


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