Advice for buying the best wireless router within your budget

11 months ago

A wireless router is a very important investment for both home and office. Wireless routers ensure that guests and loved ones are able to connect to the Internet when they come to visit. Guests will be able to do everything from surfing the web, to email, to conferences with peers. Not to mention, going wireless means that there is no need to have to deal with running cables throughout a home or building, reducing the amount of useless clutter around.

Making sure that people are able to connect to the Internet without the need for too many cables is important. Having a best wireless router is the best way to avoid this, but there are a lot of different routers available on the market today. The following will give some tips as to how to buy one to meet a person’s needs.

Most routers today have their speeds listed in Mbps, or Megabits per second. Speed is definitely the first thing to consider when looking for a best wireless router. The first models which were released offered speeds of around 11Mbps. These days, standard speed is around 54Mbps with some models going as high as 300Mbps. Not everybody is going to need that fastest speed. If there are only going to be one or two people using the router for basic emailing or web browsing, then there is no reason to jump right into the highest speed model.

It is important to have a safety net with any electronic product; this is why it’s always good to know what kind of warranty it offers. A warranty ensures that an investment is protected should anything go wrong with the router. The length of a warranty and the terms will vary between companies and even models. It’s important to look for a warranty that will fix the problem should the router stop working. Most companies will reimburse for the purchase for a certain length of time, or will fix the item free of charge.

Prior to purchasing a router, it is important that people read the fine print to ensure that their computers either work with, or can adapt to the router. In the case of a router that is specific to running Macs, it would not be appropriate for a PC owner to purchase that router. This makes it very important to read about the router to make sure it can support one’s computer and the associated technology. There is no need to buy a router that isn’t going to work with a person’s computer or system.

It is by no means superficial to consider the look or even design of a router, it’s quite smart. A wireless router needs to be in an open, central location to ensure that it is accessible to everyone, so it is something people will see on a daily basis. Since it will be seen so often, there is no reason it shouldn’t be stylish and work within the space it’s going to be in. The right model could either be a discreet, mostly hidden addition that blends in or could add to the overall look and feel of a room.

Taking advantage of what the internet has to offer can save you a lot of time and money. Many international VoIP phone calls can be made free of charge and as long as you have a good internet connection the quality will match that of a regular landline call. Storing your media data digitally saves a lot of space and it is a lot less expensive to rent and purchase films and music online. The only potential worry is that if your connection fails then this can cause a lot of hassle.

Having a good router in your home is very important if you want to make the most of your internet service. It can be useful to have several Ethernet ports for hard-wiring devices but also a strong Wi-Fi signal that enables you to connect devices wirelessly such as laptops and smartphones. Most consumer routers will allow connection of up to ten devices at any given time and the wireless coverage is usually more than ample. A typical good quality router will cover an area of 1500 to 2000 square feet over two storeys of a building.

Speed is another important factor providing the devices you intend to connect to your router support the latest connection standards. These are 802.11n and 802.11ac standards that can be found on many routers for sale today. Remember if you want to get the most from your internet connection it is important to plug in your router at the master socket where the phone line enters your property and avoid using telephone extension cables that can cause interference.

Of course, another important factor to consider when buying a wireless router is going to be the cost. Routers are great and popular investments for people of all ages and backgrounds. Everybody uses the Internet, after all, from children in school to business people at work. Always be watchful for a sale or a good deal from reputable online retailers such as Amazon to ensure that your next router can be purchased at the lowest price possible. There’s no reason to pay too much when you can get the same product elsewhere for less.

Finally, remember to buy into a reputable brand. Wireless routers are sophisticated pieces of technology, and purchasing subpar hardware is the easiest way to waste money. Trusted brands are Cisco, D-Link, Netgear, and Asus, to name a few.


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